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Thursday, October 07, 2004

A quick note from Chicagoland

We arrived in Elgin, IL on Tuesday night, and went straight to the house of some friends of ours, Craig and Emily Kaplowitz. If you have never been to Chicago, you may not be aware of deep-dish Chicago-style pizza, but it is truly an experience. Emily had ordered some from local pizza chain Giordano's, and it was a great feast after a long drive. We watched the vice-presidential debates, had a political debate of our own, and retired for the night to the hotel down the road.

Yesterday morning we led worship at Judson College's chapel, and then headed over to Naperville for our evening concert. I was able to meet a lot of great people after the concert, including a family who drove over 100 miles from Wisconsin to see us (!).

Today the guys took the train into the city for a day of adventure, while I've hung around here catching up on some work (note to hotels with free wireless internet access: I love you). At 3pm, I was the guest for professor Warren Anderson's Worship Arts class at Judson. It was a small class, so I was able to interact a bit with the students in talking about hymns, worship, and the Gospel. Tonight we play in a small room called The Eyrie on Judson's campus at 9:30, and tomorrow morning we lead worship at Trinity International University in Deerfield.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was just checking out your web site and found your blog- sitting here right now at work listening to Indelible Grace III - great stuff. Its good to have some great music to get me through an otherwise mundane day at work. Again, great show at NPC in Naperville, and it was cool to hang out and talk music with y'all that night. Looking forward to hearing your new CD. I am still working on the WBGL thing... Everyone in my growth group insists that they have heard Come Ye Sinners on the radio, but I have yet to hear back from some of the stations I asked about it.

I hope you guys can make it to NPC again some time. I'll keep an eye on your show dates.

Matt Rupert

5:47 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Got the CD- its great! Thanks. Keep doing what you're doing!!!

7:07 AM


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