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Friday, January 14, 2005

Artist Retreat

Earlier this week I attended an Artist Retreat held by a ministry called Porter's Call. The speaker was Don Miller, the author of Blue Like Jazz and Searching For God Knows What. I enjoyed both those books, and Don was compelling as a speaker too.

He talked about how we live in a "how' society, but the Bible is a "why" book. Because of our cultural biases, we've tried to translate a "why" book into a "how" book (i.e. how to have a better marriage, how to raise your kids, etc.) and so have done it a disservice. He also talked about Romeo & Juliet as Christian allegory, Adam & Eve and the sin nature, and a bunch of other topics in a fresh and insightful way. You can check out his site here, and download sample chapters of BLJ and SFGKW here and here, respectively.

(I'll post more updates for IG4 soon. Soon-ish.)


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