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Friday, August 12, 2005

201 Friends.

My MySpace page just hit 201 Friends.

I'll be uploading a rare live track or two before the big fall tour, but I'd rather not do it before I get 300 Friends. If you're a MySpace member, send me a Friend Request, and maybe send a Bulletin out to tell your Friends about my page. If you're not a member, just send me an email from the "Contact Us" section of my site and I'll send you an invite. The sooner I hit 300, the sooner I post the track. How fast can we get there?


Blogger leslie diane said...

Matthew! It's Leslie Pollard, from Orangewood in FL...I found your blog today and linked you to mine! I'm excited to stay "in the loop" to know where Indelible Grace is and what you all are up to. blessings in Christ,
Leslie :) (www.lesmess.blogspot.com)

4:51 PM


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