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Monday, January 30, 2006

Real Ultimate Power gone amok

Oh dear. A classic internet joke in two particularly hilarious incarnations:


and (my favorite)

Derek Webb

(In case you're not familiar with it, here's the original that started it all.)

Don't worry, this blog won't devolve further.



Blogger Clint Wells said...

Dude, that is HILARIOUS. I'm gonna link you on my blog. So dig it.

2:59 PM

Blogger H2O Student Ministries said...

Hey Man
thanks for the suggestion on music on our blog...i don't know how I forgot to put Sandra's info on there. My wife spent some time talking to here about our 2 kids recently in Raliegh (one of our kids names is Caedmon, and the other is Athan...after Athanasius)...she's a wonderfully easy person to talk to (like Derek has always been). We'll definately encourage our students to listen to her stuff...

Come back anytime, and anytime your in south central va, stop by Water's Edge Community Church in Clarksville.


Ryan Russell
H2O Student Ministries
Water's Edge Community Church
Clarksville, VA

6:43 PM

Blogger Duda Mano said...

Hey man, REAL ULTIMATE POWER is a blast! Derek's one is really funny.
I've linked you to my blog. Too bad we don't have the IG products here in Brazil..*sigh*... oh, well...

Eduardo Mano
Rio de Janeiro | Brazil

2:57 AM

Blogger Bobby said...

Those are great. The Derek Webb one had me rolling on the floor. At work. I have some 'splaining to do to my boss now.

5:47 AM

Blogger Andy said...


That's a link to A REAL ULTIMATE Lutherans site. It's actually the first one that I ever saw of its kind, so I'm glad to see that we (?) Presbies have one too.

5:27 AM


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