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Monday, February 13, 2006

Read: Shlog

I can't help but mention that I have been on the edge of my proverbial seat reading each new entry on Shaun Groves' blog for the past few days. Shlog (as he calls it), is one of my favorite blogs, and a couple of weeks ago he stopped updating it (this would not be unusual for mine, but he is actually good at frequently updating his).

His recent Two Weeks Ago Today posts have been chilling. He's turned off Comments, which makes it all the more strange and dramatic. Start reading with this post, and go from there. I wonder how it will turn out, even if it will turn out, per se.


Blogger Duda Mano said...

Hey Matthew!

readshlog is also one of my favourite blogs, along with Andy Osenga's one. And I've also have been reading his "two weeks ago" journey... and I do hope it turns out OK.

Well, just wanted to say this... since I canĀ“t do it on his blog!

all the best!

Eduardo Mano
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

4:21 AM


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