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Monday, February 20, 2006

Thailand pictures.

We are back from Thailand. Cason is running a fever and I am still a bit sick as well. We had a great time there, and had many adventures.

Phuket Town

This is what America is exporting to the world.

Restaurant in Phuket Town. Cason got the green curry.

I got the pattai. And looked unusually handsome.

Me on a Valentine's Day dinner "cruise." Not so fun without my wife.

Firedancers overtook our boat. The smell of gasoline was overwhelming. The guy on the far right acted bored and barely did anything. We were all afraid they would accidentally set us on fire.

Cason and I befriended this little elephant. We didn't name him, but I think we would have named him Pepe. You can imagine what the trainer thinks of us from the look on his face.

This was as awesome as it looks.

Not pictured: playing music twice a day while sick. It wasn't all elephants and firedancers, people!

Thursday night we played a concert. It is always a little awkward when you've been leading worship for a week to suddenly play a concert of the same hymns, so I put together a setlist of songs we hadn't used up to that point. I generally play a similar setlist at every concert, so this was kind of a gamble, but I really enjoyed it:

Jesus Everlasting King
O Come And Mourn With Me A While
Love Constraining To Obedience
Approach My Soul
Lo He Comes
I Asked The Lord
My Lord I Did Not Choose You
Free Grace
Arise My Soul Arise
All I Owe
Jesus I My Cross Have Taken

We loved our time in Thailand, and I am further encouraged and convinced that these hymns are tremendously powerful, beautiful reflections of the Gospel. I was also stirred up to see the Spirit moving across the world through the work of these missionaries. I could consider them heroes for what they do, but they mainly just made me think that Jesus is real and active and worth believing in, which I think is better than thinking missionary work is cool or admirable.


Blogger jane. said...

* in nashvegas this weekend to visit friends and meet up with boyfriend. maybe i'll randomly run into you and alice in the street or if you have spare time ruth has my number.

2:05 PM

Anonymous Kevin Twit said...

Glad you're back Matthew. Do you pronounce that town like I think you do???

4:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

welcome home.

i'm happy to report that i'm half-way through the government book.

too many questions.

talk to you soon.


7:20 PM


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