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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Who's in the band?

When I go play concerts with a full band (we call ourselves “Matthew Smith & Indelible Grace,” and we do so with a completely straight face, unless you tickle us), it is a revolving cast of friends who fill in the different instrument duties (bass, drums, electric guitar).

The question I often get asked by concert promoters is “Who’s in the band this time?” Now, this may be completely in my head, but I get the distinct impression that under their breaths, as they wait for my answer, they are whispering “Please say Derek Webb/Sandra McCracken/R.C. Sproul/Bono no whammies no whammies no whammies.” Of course, I am always sad to disappoint them when I tell them three names that they have almost surely never heard of.

So, in case you are wondering, the late February dates will be Tripp Ethridge on drums, Jeff Irwin on bass, and Clint Wells on electric guitar. On the March dates, Cason Cooley will replace Clint. Clint will shake his fist angrily for having to sit out for a keyboard player playing guitar. I love you Clint. (Be sure to check out Clint’s work on the Red Mountain Music records).


Interests: photography, asking questions, surgery


Interests: zoos, massages, Emergen-C, asthma


Interests: cynicism, answering Tripp’s questions, inappropriate swearing, a surprisingly extensive knowledge of the Bible


Interests: pescatarianism, good restaurant service, being reasonable


Interests: freaking out, bad posture, prunes

Please come out to see us, enjoy these hymns, and do say hi afterwards. We are often painfully awkward, but do appreciate it.


Blogger Bobby said...

Looking forward to seeing you all this March in Louisville at Southern Seminary.

2:06 PM

Anonymous Bonnie said...

Since I couldn't find "pescatarianism" in dictionary.com, I'll just have to assume it meanings "fishing".

8:25 AM

Blogger Brian T. Murphy said...

who is derek webb?

8:59 AM


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