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Friday, March 03, 2006

Square Peg Alliance concert

Several of my friends formed a sort of singer/songwriter collective called the Square Peg Alliance, and they had their first event this past Wednesday, a release concert for Eric Peters' new CD. Each Square Pegger (?) played one song, and Eric played a bunch.

I took pictures of everyone, and set up a nifty Flickr account to show them, but was thwarted by an unuseful iPhoto plugin that caused me to accidentally max out my uploads for the month. Sigh. Here are three pics:

Matthew Perryman Jones

Sandra McCracken
(who looks like she's playing a rock song, but is actually playing "Springtime Indiana")

Jeremy Casella

Andrew Osenga played a new song, "House of Mirrors," which mentions me by name. That is awesome.

Here's a list of Square Peg Alliance members. Do yourself a favor and check out some music from some very talented folks:
Katy Bowser
Jeremy Casella
Billy Cerveny
Randall Goodgame
Andy Gullahorn
Matthew Perryman Jones
Chris Mason
Sandra McCracken
Andrew Osenga
Eric Peters
Andrew Peterson
Jill Phillips
Derek Webb

(In case you were wondering, I am not a part of the SPA. Though I consider myself a singer/songwriter, I believe that the Peggers were creeped out by my insistence on constantly collaborating with dead people. Understandable.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Matthew, you know we can't let a comment like "collaborate with dead people" slide by without an explanation....what's that about?

6:03 PM

Blogger Matthew Smith said...

(I write music for hymn texts written by long-dead people.)

7:13 AM

Anonymous bobw said...

nice. sorry I missed the show. I've recently discovered a bunch of these artists, and I'm looking forward to hearing more.

one thing that I wonder about is why there is no mention of faith or Jesus or Christianity at all in the description of SPA (on the myspace site)? as far as I can tell, those folks share a common faith, right? and lots of the songs are about that faith? why not say so?

I dont mean to be contrary or too argumentative, but it just made me wonder.

7:17 AM

Blogger Matthew Smith said...

Good question. When interviewing for a job, do you mention Jesus on your resume? Is it strange that you don't? Would it even be appropriate?

This touches on the issue of how we in American Christianity seem to treat artists' jobs as different from other professions. Is it a job or a ministry? If it's a ministry, are the artists ministers? I might blog about this sometime.

7:44 AM

Anonymous bobw said...

good points, and I would be interested in reading more of your thoughts when you get the time.

I guess I would consider more of a label/product metaphor over your resume/job one (although I think you make a good point with that). I know some people might want to avoid the "Christian Music" label (and especially CCM). but if the content of your product is mostly songs about faith, why not say so? I think it's slightly different if you're a Christian musician your songs arent about anything in particular.

perhaps this stems from my desire to find more music that is in the vein of Indelible Grace, as I do music for our church sometimes (and I'm very thankful for your work, by the way). it's a little harder to find what's out there if it's not labeled. [cheesy smiley thingy here]

7:39 AM


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