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Friday, June 09, 2006

Brewing up a house concert.

Last night, about 25 people packed into a top-floor apartment's cozy living room for a house concert here in Philadelphia. I was in a rare mood, telling stories about Isaac Watts and the hymnwriters lonely-hearts club, interacting with questions during the Q&A time, and even taking a request ("Jesus I My Cross Have Taken"). Brownies and ice cream were served, as well as the host's delicious home-brewed beer.

Thanks to Jason and Nicole for being wonderful hosts, and for everyone who came and made it such a fun time.

For info on how to host a house concert, head over to my site.


Blogger Gregory said...

Heh...my friend Chip and I just made our first beer in early May. So far, we haven't died...which is a good sign. Because of this (and because it actually does taste good!), we are finally letting others taste it, too.

Next stop...microbrew!

9:59 PM


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