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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Imagination and Heroic Obedience.

I was listening to (Indelible Grace founder) Kevin Twit's podcast and was struck by the following comment, which describes something I've experienced for the past few years but could not find words for until now:

"God really wants our imagination more engaged [in worship]. I had a professor at seminary, Dan Doriani, [who said] one of the problems with legalism is that it really gives no room for the imagination to soar. It just says 'ok, what God wants me to do is this, this, and this, and it's all spelled out for me.' But in reality, what God calls you to is heroic obedience.

He doesn't just give you a list of things to do and say 'Check these things off.' He says 'Live for [My] glory in every aspect of life' and that's going to cause you to think, and pray, and cry out and say 'Lord, help!'

The hymns help engage our imagination and begin to teach us how to use the imagination in the Christian life."

--Kevin Twit, from his Summer Conference Worship talks
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