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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Night of rock.

Last night I went to The Mercy Lounge for Andrew Osenga's CD release show, with opener Matthew Perryman Jones. I wish I had written down a setlist, but Matthew played mostly songs from his new album Throwing Punches In The Dark (including my favorite, "Refuge"), and Andrew showcased his new album, plus Photographs songs "Kara" and "Kankakee." Both guys shared a band, and much rock was had for sure. Andrew even pulled out "Black Dress," an old tune from his days with The Normals. Andrew forgot a bunch of lyrics on several songs, which led to a hilarious episode of him asking a clearly exasperated Cason for lyrics so he could begin a song. This is, of course, one of the reasons why I always have a music stand with lyrics when I play. A music stand is not very rock and roll though. Unless you pick it up and smash it on stage, which is a little questionable, because at that point it's probably obvious that you want to smash something and be all rock and roll, but can't afford to destroy a guitar.

All that to say, it was great to see my friends playing music together, and celebrate the release of The Morning. Read more about Andrew at this interview with Relevant Magazine.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but these dark, blurry shots are probably just worth a few syllables.

Jones with band, including Andrew on lead guitar.

Andrew + Paul Eckberg.

After Andrew's show, I headed over to The Basement (probably my favorite rock venue in Nashville) to hear Taylor Sorensen and The Trigger Code, who, inexplicably, seem to have changed their name to TS & The Trigger Code. Guys, guys. Just change your name to The Trigger Code and be done with it. This "TS" stuff is absurd.

The band blazed through a short and ferocious set of new songs ("The Defender," "I Am Just Like Cain," "Bulletproof," etc.) from the album they've been recording this past month. The band has such a dynamic stage presence and fervor that they are always fun to see in action. (Trigger Code bass player Jeff Irwin is playing bass on the solo album I'm working on right now.)

Taylor rocking so much that my shutter speed can't keep up.

If you cut these guys, they would bleed rock. Then they would punch you in the face, because it's not cool to cut people.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but I prefer to measure in Rock Units (RU).

This picture is worth 1,249 RUs.


Anonymous mister irwin said...

are sleigh bells rock and roll? i mean.. i go out of town for a while and then i show up for a tcode show and there are fuggin sleigh bells being played in my face.. wtf?

wait a minute colin greenwood played sleigh bells in that radiohead film..

ok sleigh bells rock...

i think

12:00 PM

Anonymous bryan said...

i think rock units should be listed in the Official British Standards and Measures.

1:08 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"TS": Just wait a few days or something - it will change again. It's just so much easier and understandable for people when I am on the phone to say "TS & the TRigger Code." Besides that, nobody has ever once spelled SorensEn correctly. Not even the annoying sticker you have to peal off before opening the cd of my first record had the correct spelling. But, thanx for the blogging and the pictures. Very kind of you. And very kind of your PREGNANT wife to sit on the floor down in front for the entire set. She's hard core!

11:59 PM


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