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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Solo tourin'.

I'm sitting here in my friend Bob Kauflin's guest bedroom, which he has graciously allowed me to use while he is on vacation and I am on a three-day empty gap during my tour. I've been touring more and more, and am looking ahead to 2007 with excitement and slight trepidation, as more opportunities open up to play band, solo, and house concerts.

It has been an exciting month, including:
  • my first Northwest concerts ever
  • a weekend of sun, sand, and shrimp in beautiful Charleston, SC (leading worship at the Proximity Conference with Cason)
  • and now an extended trip through Virginia and Maryland (with a swing up to Philadelphia for a house concert on Thursday)

Highlights from the tour so far:
  • having brunch with old-school Indelible Grace contributor Brian Moss in Seattle
  • catching up with my former pastor, Scotty Smith, in Charleston
  • Exploring Charleston (Motto: "We're the clean New Orleans!"), including eating amazing barbequed shrimp and grits at 82 Queen
  • hearing The Morning over the PA before my Danville, VA concert (a reminder that God is in the process of setting all things right)
  • being surprised by my parents, who drove up to see the Danville concert
  • passing by Jerry Falwell's personal airport and wondering what the cosmic implications of that must be
  • the surreal experience of playing "All I Owe" (with a cellist, no less) in front of the fuselage from Oceanic Flight 815 at Fairfax Community
  • Recording a vocal today for a song called "I Come Running To You" for a new project based on The Valley Of Vision by Bob's Sovereign Grace Music [Update: They aren't going to use my vocal on the final record. Zuh?]
Tomorrow I hope to do some writing for my new record, as well as catch up on responding to emails. If you live in the greater Baltimore or Richmond areas, please come out to the concerts this weekend and be sure to say hi!


Blogger Gregory said...

Hey, man...I'm glad you had a good time. Charleston was a blast! I have to say, out of the three I've been to, this one was the best; between Scotty's message and the hymns you and Cason sung, I think many people were able to find the rest in Jesus they've been yearning for.

I'm having a hard time getting David to get a CD of his photos so I can send you the ones of you and Cason. I do have one that I happened to shoot on the last day, as well as the photo at A.W. Shuck's on Monday before we all left. I'll try to email you those tomorrow after I get back from church.

Talk to you later!


9:09 PM

Blogger Tim said...

They're not going to use your vocal? That's really odd. I mean, sure, they have some great vocalists in their network of churches and whatnot. Huh. I'm still anxious to hear the album, only slightly less so now that you won't be on it. Speaking of which, how's your new album coming?

1:42 PM

Blogger Matthew Smith said...

I haven't really been working on my album for the past month (just because I've been on the road so much), but Cason IM'ed me some roughs last night and I am thrilled. We'll get back into the studio soon.

1:59 PM


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