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Monday, July 03, 2006

Good new music.

Two new records out this week that you should know about:

Katy Bowser's first record in five years (!!!) is a 6-song EP called All Of My Friends. Many of you know Katy best for "O The Deep, Deep Love Of Jesus" on Indelible Grace. This EP marks a new direction for her, taking a turn to the folky, bluegrass side of things. Her husband Kenny Hutson (formerly of Vigilantes Of Love) provides many stringed, acoustic instruments here, and he is pretty much the best Nashville has to offer. Go listen for yourself on her MySpace page. Oddly, my two favorite songs from the EP ("Come On Or Go On" and "The Weight Of The World") aren't previewable there. All that means though, is if you like the three songs that she has up there, you should go ahead and order the EP, knowing that the best is yet to be heard.

This CD comes in a paper bag. No foolin'. You can pack your lunch in it if you want to.

The second record is Red Mountain Music's Help My Unbelief. My Birmingham brethren are the only people who love hymns as much as I do, and they show it by releasing their fourth record in three years (!!!). I haven't actually heard it yet, but I'm sure I will this coming weekend, as RMM co-producer Clint Wells joins me to play some guitar in the Indelible Grace band. Hear it on their MySpace page here, and buy it here.

I am a big fan of triple-exclamation points in parentheses.


Blogger Brian T. Murphy said...

Thanks, Matthew.

And I agree, I think we share a very similar passion for these old hymns. I think that is very cool.

8:25 AM


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