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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Two Beams Of Heaven albums?

Purgatorio points us to an artist whose album title is the same as the latest Indelible Grace record. Nice. (Thanks to Matt Ward and Kevin Twit for directing me to this.)

I wonder if that amp is loud enough for Athena to hear inside Nashville's Parthenon.


Anonymous Kevin Twit said...

You have to wonder what the concept to this album cover was. And remember, somebody looked at this design and said " Yes - I like that." Yikes

6:19 AM

Blogger Nan said...

ROFL! Y'all are cracking me up here!

I just wanted to say that I just happened to click on your link on the PCA blogroll and I'm happy I did. What a cool surprise to find the blog of an artist of whom I am very fond.

My husband and I love the Indelible Grace albums and have been listening to them since it was in its' fledgling state back when our good friends (an RUF minister and his wife) introduced it to us.

I'll be checking in on your blog now that I know it is here.

grace and peace,

10:17 PM


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