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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

U2's The Edge on community.

"There is that community sense that I would associate with the Christian ideal of looking after your neighbor. But it isn't always pretty; in fact it's often very rough. Like do you care enough about someone to risk confronting them with the truth, if it is going to hurt them? That's love in action, real commitment to one another, real community, and it has nothing to do with being nice to everyone at all times. So in some ways rather than being a once a week concept, it's sort of the way we try and live here. And the challenge is to try to move it out further, so there's not just your immediate small community but it's asking, can you get it to be bigger and bigger?" -- The Edge

(from @U2)

This quote is powerful and true. (You might want to read it more than once.)

Do you have real community in your life? Do you want it? Or would it cost you too much?

May God give us all the courage to live in community.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting that this quote is prefaced with: "U2 members are not involved in the institutional church; they rely on their wider community to nurture them in their spiritual lives." Seems like scripture would not so quickly seperate the two.

12:47 PM


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