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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Weekend with the band.

This past weekend I played my first concerts with the band (this time: Cason, Tripp, Clint) since February, and had such a good time. First was Conyers, GA, just outside of Atlanta. Lots of folks came out to see us, and I had several good conversations afterwards.

The next day we drove down to Panama City Beach, FL to play at a retreat center for a bunch of Campus Outreach college students. This was perhaps the craziest concert I've ever played. The energy, both from the audience and from the band, was through the roof, and we kept feeding off of each other. It was a blast. Afterwards, they cleared the chairs and had a dance party (???), where this happened:

Later that night, we went out to the beach and talked until 2:30 in the morning. I love these guys so much.

The next morning we got up and drove almost seven hours to Decatur, AL, where we played at Decatur Presbyterian. DPC is the only church where I've played at three times, and it's always fun to go back somewhere you've played before.

We seemed to be playing better than ever, and were just getting going, when the weekend was suddenly over. Time for me to go book some more band dates...


Anonymous Kevin Twit said...

Wow. my boys (Cooper and Isaac) got a kick out of this too. I didn't knoe Cason had it in him - Clint, well always figured him for a closet disco fan.

11:08 AM

Anonymous Geof F. Morris said...

DUDE! You played in Decatur and didn't let me know?! :cry:

Okay, so I should have talked to you on Thursday night at Katy's show before running out of there. :)

2:26 PM


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