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Thursday, August 31, 2006


Derek Webb is giving away his latest record, Mockingbird, starting today, for a limited time. These are high-quality 192kbps MP3s of the entire record, not samples.

This is one of my favorite records, and was co-produced by Cason Cooley, who is producing All I Owe. Even if you already own Mockingbird, consider using the site to tell your friends about it.

If you need to hear some of the songs first, go to Derek's MySpace page, then get your download on over at FreeDerekWebb.com.


Blogger Cassandra said...

I was reading all that went on at Shlog. Thanks for the social punditry--I'm surprised more people didn't understand the whole concept to begin with.

Looking forward to the new album, as "Even When My Heart Is Breaking" is one of the more beautiful CDs I own.

5:27 PM


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