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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Happy birthday to me.

I turned 28 today. I'm in The Apple Store in Omaha (which, as you may know, is located somewhere in middle America) and am going to leave to drive to Lincoln in a few minutes. If you are around that area, come celebrate my birthday with some hymns!

By the way, these are amazing.


Anonymous Geof F. Morris said...

Happy birthday, Matthew! 28 has treated me well since October. :)

5:29 PM

Blogger Steve Weaver said...

Happy Birthday! We're looking forward to hearing you this Friday in Knoxville!!!

5:40 PM

Blogger Samurai said...

Happy Birthday Matthew, bummer you have to spend it on the road...

Great time in Ames. Here are some pics if you are interested:



10:18 PM

Anonymous jim said...

The big two-eight! Happy Birthday, you stud.


12:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday...

I was able to listen to your new CD while visiting my boyfriend. You spoke to him in person at a Nashville Sound game and he put you on the phone with me. You might not remember me.

Anyways, my boyfriend just alerted me to the fact that my humble blog is on your blogroll. I'm humbled that you read it... how did you come across it, though?
--Chelsey Karns

6:39 PM

Blogger Matthew Smith said...

Hi Chelsey, I probably found your blog by Googling myself with google.com/blogsearch or through my Statcounter. And yes I remember speaking with you, it was a pretty surreal experience to be recognized and talk to a fan while passing out donation buckets for Blood:Water Mission! :)

8:28 AM

Blogger Steve Weaver said...

Awesome concert in Knoxville on Friday. I love your new CD. Every single song is a home-run. Thanks!

6:28 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


There is a fabulous Antique store in Lincoln. I know offhand since I went to Red Oak, Iowa (my mom is from there) and we would ALWAYS stop by Lincoln on the way from the airport in Omaha at that bestest, cutest, anique store in fly-over land. Unfortunately for you, this blog post is over 6 months old and you have missed your chance! Oh well, felt like telling you just in case you ever go back. Perhaps though antiques are not as exciting for y'all as they are for me. I really like this store and they are such nice people. God bless + -Melissa Hastings, RGC in Redwood City, CA church. ;)

9:56 AM


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