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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Going to Guatemala.

I'm leaving for Guatemala tomorrow for a retreat with Compassion International, then heading straight to Reno, NV and California when I get back in the country. I hope to update a bit when I return.


Blogger kat said...

Wow. That makes my week look awfully boring... :-)
Have a fun trip.


7:34 AM

Blogger Jody said...

have a great time.
Maybe I'll see you if you're going to be in Mountain View, CA with iGrace music. That would be sweet.

11:27 AM

Anonymous shaungroves said...

Matthew, Brian spoke highly of you when he got back. Glad you guys got a chance to hang a little. Please post any pictures or video and stories from the trip. I'll definitely link to it.

3:05 PM

Anonymous matthewsmith said...

We have the same name. cool.
guatemala is a beautiful place. i spent three weeks in a village called santiago in the mountains outside the capital.

12:47 PM

Anonymous wade said...

Hey Matthew, I saw you at the concert in Redwood City last week. I really enjoyed it and am digging your new CD. Come back again!

4:27 PM


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