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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tour begins this week!

Thanks to all who came out to the south Florida tour last weekend. Despite being sick, I enjoyed sharing these hymns with you guys. I'll be coming to the Tampa/St. Pete area next month, dates announced soon.

I'm leaving with the band tomorrow for a week of concerts. (For the curious, the band will be Clint Wells on guitar, Tripp Ethridge on drums, and John Davis on bass.)

See you there!

04/19 Cleveland, TN - Trinity Presbyterian Church
04/20 Hixson, TN - Hixson Presbyterian Church
04/21 Atlanta, GA - Intown Community Church
04/22 Americus, GA - First United Methodist Church
04/23 Augusta, GA - First Presbyterian Church
04/25 Anderson, SC - New Covenant Church
04/26 Durham, NC - Blacknall Memorial Presbyterian


Blogger Nick said...

Caught your concert at my church in Augusta! Enjoyed it very much! I saw you last year when you were in Aiken too. Love the hymns!

5:48 PM

Blogger Lance said...

Great concert in Anderson led me to look to Christ and His grace which as you said is the music of the gospel.

11:58 AM

Anonymous Greg B. said...

Saw you guys in Durham Thursday night. Shot some video of you guys.

I've edited two of the songs so far and put them on YouTube.



Sorry for mispelling Indelible on the Come Ye Sinners video :(

BTW, Youtube really messes with the quality and causes the audio to slip out of sync with the video (really annoying).

I have links to high quality .wmv files on my web page for you to checkout if you'd like. I emailed the link to Clint Wells so you can get them from him.



7:25 AM

Anonymous Greg B. said...

Since the youtube versions are so bad, use the following google search to find the much better quality versions:


This should get you excited to see them in person! :)

8:15 PM


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