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Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Ruin Of The Beast.

Former and future Burlap To Cashmere frontman Steven Delopoulos has a new record due out any day now. Here is an amazing video for one of the songs, done by the geniuses at Portland Studios.


Blogger Brody Bond said...

wow - I love it. The real-life hands at the beginning were a tremendous touch too.

Those Portland Studios dudes do some weird stuff, but everything I've seen has been really good work.

Matthew - how about a Portland Studios video for you where it's an animated version of the IG band playing one of your songs... including all different angles (like from the sound hole of your guitar looking out, or from the microphone looking up at you). It could work.

later man,

10:50 PM

Blogger The Hale Family said...

Oh my, Delopoulos doesn't know how to write a bad song! Do I infer from your post that BTC will reunite in some form? Their one and only album remains my favorite Christian recording ever, and it is so good to hear this kind of quality stuff again.

2:14 PM


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