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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Back from tour.

Thanks to all who came out to see us on this tour. It was a lot of fun. If you took pictures, leave a comment with the link and I'll highlight the best ones. In the meantime, hilarity:

Representin' with my John Davis t-shirt.

The band defaces a tour poster to answer the question, "What would Matthew look like with a mustache?"

John Davis demonstrates what ROCK looks like.

John likes energy drinks.

We went bowling on this tour. Twice. Clint demonstrates his technique.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey brother...great time seeing you and your band again in sc - this time anderson, sc and last time taylors, sc - your ministry is such a blessing ... enjoy hearing the music and reading the lyrcis!

2:32 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

oops...comment above from isaac fineman in greenville, sc :)

2:32 PM

Blogger travis said...

Random question...
Is John Davis reformed?

8:12 PM

Blogger Matthew Smith said...

Travis, you can find your answer in the comments section of this post. It's strange to me that people are so curious about this.

8:37 PM

Blogger travis said...

Thanks for the answer.. I guess I am just curious about other musicians that are reformed. Like when I found out you are a Mormon...


6:31 PM

Anonymous Greg B. said...

No pictures but I did shoot a ton of video footage at your Durham show.

Here's a link to the ones I've edited.


7:18 PM

Blogger Gregory said...

Hey, sorry I missed you in Augusta, GA...you were at my church, no less (First Presbyterian Church)! I was hoping to go and see what's new, but other things came up.

My friends and I really enjoyed hanging out with you and Cason last year in Charleston at the Proximity Conference!

Hopefully, you'll be down this way again, soon! Take care!

8:14 PM

Anonymous Tim Moore said...

hey i met you when you played at my church. you wouldn't sign my converse but that's cool, it was a bit stupid. anyway you guys were awesome.

1:36 PM


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