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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Andy on "Why I Don't Listen To Christian Music."

Andy over at The Last Homely House just put up a good post titled "Why I Don't Listen To Christian Music." I've found it interesting (but not surprising) that many fans of my and Indelible Grace's music don't listen to much CCM.


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Jubilee 2007 photos.

Andrew Rush posted his pictures from Jubilee 2007. It was a blast to play to so many people, even though we got kicked off stage before our set ended due to a miscommunication about time.

Not pictured here: the panicked look on our faces when we started the first song in 4/4 instead of 6/8. We are professionals.

This jacket cost me five bucks.

"'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus"

Yeah, there were a lot of people there.

Taylor Sorensen fills in on lead guitar. I think having him and John Davis in the band technically made us a supergroup.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Bullet points from the past two weeks.

I don't have time to blog properly right now, as I'm off to Pittsburgh to play at the Jubilee 2007 conference. I have had one of the strangest, most adventure-filled months of my life so far. Here are some of the alternately funny and sobering moments, in no particular order-- and now in bullet point form! In the past two weeks, I:
  • had two separate people think I was British (one because of the coat I was wearing)
  • had three or four different people refer to Tennessee as "the midwest"
  • mugged a thief (more on this later)
  • toured Apple, Inc. headquarters at night
  • played a wine party in California's wine country where, strangely, most of the wine seemed to be from Argentina
  • ate half of the brie available at said wine party
  • repeatedly defended Yuba City against mockery (my argument: YC has great people and great prunes!)
  • was told that I sound like Green Day (note: I do not sound like Green Day)
  • bought a Superdrag record at Amoeba Music
  • encountered several bizarre incidents of automotive rudeness in San Francisco, including a car honking at me repeatedly for sitting in my parked car because they wanted my spot
  • got creeped out by the Haight-Ashbury district (mainly because it seemed that every time I glanced around, people were staring at me-- am I paranoid?)
  • laughed at seeing a McDonald's at the end of Haight (I guess hippies need Big Macs too)
  • found out that people in the Bay Area think they live in "northern California" (though they clearly live right in the middle of the state)
  • played a concert in a Jewish temple
  • experienced the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains
  • ate at a late-night vegetarian restaurant in Reno
  • shared hotel premises with Mel Gibson in Guatemala (though I never saw him)
  • developed an irrational fear of Geoff Moore (I'm not kidding about this) and avoided him at all costs
  • stood in a very small home with dirt floors where two adults and ten children live
  • realized that my hotel in Reno didn't have HBO because watching movies cuts down on gamblin' time
  • experienced how a government agency (the TSA) can practically cripple an organization: the San Jose airport.
  • had dinner and Belgian ale with a Senior Engineer Scientist who is working on the iPhone.
  • had a wireless mic die on me in the middle of a concert after I had left a comment on Bob Kauflin's blog earlier that day roundly condemning wireless mics and praising wired mics
  • stayed in an appropriately leopard print-themed hotel room in Cupertino
  • forgot to refill my gas tank before returning my rental. An expensive mistake.
  • had an amazing lunch in Cupertino with some of the best beef I've had in a long time
Thanks to everyone who came out to these concerts, I had a truly amazing time!